Maintenance of artificial grass and replacement of glass.

Maintenance of artificial grass

The lawn requires maintenance of artificial grass that either we can advise you on how to carry out or our professionals can carry out by prior arrangement.

Artificial grass replacement

Our team of professionals will advise you if it is necessary to install the best quality grass and take advantage of the installation of the court at the lowest possible cost.

Structure repairs

Any metal structure that has some kind of defect even if it is not our property we can repair it to take advantage of it if we see fit and thus be able to continue enjoying the sport of paddle with investment at minimum cost.

Change of glass

Any broken glass will be repaired as urgently as possible so that your customers can continue playing without loss of time and with the lowest possible economic cost.

Tailor-made courts

We are manufacturers, therefore we can offer our customers the tracks to the letter, that is to say with all kinds of special measures, special colours, even exclusive models.

Glass replacement

Padel courts made of glass are becoming more and more common. When building a padel court, our customers can choose between 10 mm or 12 mm thick glass.

The choice of glass thickness will depend on the wind zone where you are going to place the paddle court, the location – sea, countryside or city – and its height from the ground.

Padel court glass is always tempered so that when it breaks it does so in small pieces and thus avoids serious cuts to the players. Our tempered glass complies with the regulations of the International Padel Federation, with the European Standard EN 12150-1 and has the corresponding quality and breakage certifications.


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