Paddle Tennis court construction

Courts Better is a company dedicated exclusively to the construction of paddle tennis courts, installation and maintenance.

Paddle Tennis courts

Our works are exclusive and tailor-made. Once the exact location of the court is determined, we proceed to its creation.

In our facilities we carry out the entire manufacturing process of each of the parts that make up the court.

Paddle Tennis courts


Quality is our work philosophy. Our prices, our best letter of introduction.

We have the best team in each of the processes for the manufacture, assembly and maintenance of the courts.

CourtsBetter’s goal is to provide customers the best solution to their needs.

Paddle Tennis court construction

Procedure for the installation of paddle tennis courts

Once the parts that make up the track have been created, we proceed to transport it to the place chosen for its location.

For the realization of the transport we have appropriate vehicles for this task, and at all times our assembly and installation team ensures that the process is carried out under optimal safety conditions.

Once we are at the place of assembly, our team of professional assemblers is in charge of the whole assembly until the last details are completed to perfection.

Courts Better

Courts Better, company dedicated to the design, installation and assembly of paddle tennis courts. We are a company with 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and installation of sports courts, which has made us a benchmark of the same that makes our facilities are of the highest quality, with all the advantages of having a paddle court of this material.

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